Multifunction Wireless Charging Hub: Fast-Charging LED Desk Lamp, Night Light and Clock with USB Port

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Transform your charging experience 

Brighten up your space with our innovative and multifunctional wireless charging pad. This sleek device is designed to cater to the tech-savvy user, providing a seamless integration of fast charging, ambient lighting, time display, and more—all in one compact unit. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to efficiency with this all-in-one solution.


Key Features

  • Fast Charging: Experience rapid charging with up to 10W of output power, ensuring your devices are ready to go when you are.
  • Multifunctional Design: More than just a charger, this device also serves as a clock, night light, and LED desk lamp, catering to all your needs.
  • Wide Compatibility: Effortlessly charge both Apple iPhones and Samsung devices, thanks to its versatile design.
  • Convenient USB Port: Featuring a Type C connector and accompanying USB cable, charging your devices has never been easier.


Benefits and Uses

Maximize your productivity and enhance your living space with the multifunctional wireless charging hub. Whether you’re studying, working, or simply winding down for the night, this device has you covered. The inclusion of a digital clock and adjustable screen brightness ensures a good night’s sleep, while the eye-caring table lamp provides soft, mood-enhancing lighting. And with the added convenience of USB charging and a safe, inductive charging station, keeping your devices powered has never been more straightforward or stylish. 


Technical Specifications

  • Set Type: With USB Cable
  • Compatible Brand: Apple iPhone
  • Connector Type: Type C
  • Max. Output Power: 10W
  • Additional Features: Charging Indicator, Cable, LED Light, Holder, Lamp, Alarm Clock

*Note: For an optimal fast charging experience, please use a QC 3.0 power adapter.


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Don’t miss out on the ultimate charging and lighting solution. Experience the perfect blend of functionality, style, and convenience with our multifunction wireless charging hub. Click Add to Cart now to elevate your daily routine!


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Verified Buyer
Brionna Halvorson
18 May 2024 17:34

A great bedside lamp. It charges my Galaxy S10 phone quite quickly. From 0 to 100 in just under 2 hours. The various light modes can be switched on quickly. If you leave your finger on the lanpe longer, the brightness can be varied. The permanent time display can be switched on and off and does not dazzle. If you wake up at night, you can immediately see what time it is. It's a great product.

Verified Buyer
Marilou Grady
3 May 2024 01:59

I really like the lamp with its dimmable brightness levels and the different shades of white. Finally, no more lampshade that constantly collects dust anyway. The charging function for my mobile phone, whether cordless or wired, works perfectly and so my mobile phone is always fit in the morning with a full battery. I find the time display disturbingly bright at night. Perhaps the manufacturer can retrospectively install a dimming function there. That would be great 👍!! Otherwise, I am very satisfied with this functional and visually beautiful lamp. The price is completely okay for me. As always, the delivery is immediate. I hope it lasts a long time and that I continue to enjoy it.

Verified Buyer
Emanuel Dach
28 Apr 2024 05:08

It's a great lamp. The different brightnesses and colors are great. What I like best is that I can charge my phone without the hassle of cables.

Verified Buyer
Beau Willms
26 Mar 2024 13:54

Modern and practical design. You can charge your mobile phone in it. You have time too. And as a lamp, 3 shades of light and different intensities in each one. Easy to turn on and off, with a simple touch on the structure. It is very light due to its design. Very happy with the purchase.

Verified Buyer
Iva Nitzsche
22 Mar 2024 15:28

The design of this wireless charging table lamp is perfect for the modern home.The LED light is soft and the brightness is adjusted by just touching the top of the led with three colors of light. Moreover, its wireless charging function is extremely convenient, just place your phone on the base and it will start charging. The clock function is also very useful, the digital display is clear and you can know the time at a glance. Overall, very happy with this product, it simplifies my workspace while adding a modern touch to the interior.

Verified Buyer
Elvis Wehner
21 Mar 2024 02:31

Bought this for my partner’s side of the bed then got lamp envy so bought a second one for me. Love the different light types and easy dim function.

Verified Buyer
Jovani Friesen
20 Mar 2024 01:22

Just love it

Verified Buyer
Nathan Flatley
17 Mar 2024 16:00

2 devices in one, great lamp with beautiful light in 3 levels and adjustable brightness. Charging is easy, only the phone case can interfere. In addition, a charging cable can also be connected.

Verified Buyer
Denis White
28 Feb 2024 21:52

What I particularly like is the way you switch it on and also switch on the different lighting modes. Simply tap lightly on the top of the sheet and it turns on or changes the color temperature... how cool is that. Otherwise, simply hold your finger on it a little longer to dim. To charge, you can simply place a smartphone with the appropriate wireless charging technology on the shelf below the lamp and the smartphone is then charged without any problems. Works great with my iPhone 12. Alternatively, you can also connect another device to the back via USB cable for charging or operation. All in all, a really cool lamp with well-thought-out features that not only looks good on the bedside table. It has found its place on the dining table with us. Full points and a buy recommendation.

Verified Buyer
Spencer Cummerata
23 Feb 2024 23:25

The lamp makes a decent impression, it is well made, it is connected via USB-C cable, a charging plug is included, and an instruction manual in German is also included. It is also possible to charge a smartphone via USB or wirelessly, which works wonderfully with an iPhone 11. The lamp or light can be dimmed and set to different light colors (warm white to cold white). Very nice lamp for dessert.

Verified Buyer
Angel Koch
15 Feb 2024 03:03

Easy to use Looks good Doesn't feel or look cheap It works

Verified Buyer
Leopoldo Weissnat
3 Jan 2024 18:01

Super nice 🤩

Verified Buyer
Anibal Daugherty
26 Dec 2023 02:19

Nice lamp, if it is in the bedroom, can be dimmed in 3 levels with clock display absolute buying advice

Verified Buyer
Raymundo Kub
24 Dec 2023 02:54

Very beautiful, it shines a lot of light and charges my iPhone without problems.

Verified Buyer
Maida Zieme
23 Dec 2023 02:54

Nice light and you can also turn off or dim the clock (which is very bright at the highest level). The 3 different light colors are also very pleasant

Verified Buyer
Jackeline Cronin
22 Dec 2023 02:53

We are very satisfied with the beautiful design! It is easy to use. Wireless charging is fast charging and very convenient to use. It looks very chic and classy. ❤️ We think the lamp is really beautiful and great. The quality is top. We have already ordered several lamps and are unfortunately not satisfied because either the light was too bright or it cannot charge properly. It is simple, modern and manufactured to a high quality. It would also be a good idea for decoration 💡 The light intensity with 3 levels can be easily adjusted to different brightnesses. I now have an integrated charging station for my iPhone. For the price, it's a very good quality product! In any case, I can recommend it!!! very satisfying, highly recommended 🎀🌸❤️

Verified Buyer
Lia Ratke
21 Dec 2023 02:53

Makes a good impression visually and in terms of workmanship. In terms of brightness, it is very versatile, from very bright to a subtle night light, you can adjust everything infinitely. The charging function for the phone and other things also works perfectly. All in all, I am very satisfied and would recommend the lamp to others.

Verified Buyer
Collin Feeney
20 Dec 2023 02:53

Multi function light does all the jobs I want! Night light and clock and fast charging as well. Couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend 😗

Verified Buyer
Claude Blick
19 Dec 2023 02:53

I think the bedside lamp is a real eye-catcher. The material and workmanship look high-quality. The dimmable touch lamp works perfectly. In my opinion, however, it is not three different brightness levels but three different temperatures. So one light is cold white and one is warm white. I personally like the last “color” the most (i.e. when you have pressed it three times).

Verified Buyer
Gwendolyn Balistreri
18 Dec 2023 02:52

The charging function works perfectly with an iPhone and also Samsung. It's also very decorative.

Verified Buyer
Shanelle Dach
17 Dec 2023 02:52

Too bad not to have been warned that the charger does not work with all cell phones...

Verified Buyer
Cullen Kerluke
16 Dec 2023 02:52

I am very happy with it. the touch is really great and the way to adjust the intensity is superb. For my part I don't use fast charging, but I love this lamp.

Verified Buyer
Hayden Effertz
15 Dec 2023 02:52

This simple design lamp is lovely. I brought it for my son's bedroom. He likes to know the time, and this lamp has a digital clock which is exactly what he wanted.

Verified Buyer
Martin Hyatt
14 Dec 2023 02:51

For this price- brilliant

Verified Buyer
Sarah Wolff
13 Dec 2023 02:51

I love this little lamp! It has a cold, warm, and mix of cold and warm light tone options. Plus it dims! It’s turned on, off, and dimmed with touch. So cool! The fast charger works perfectly, too. The wireless charging has worked well the handful of times I’ve used that feature, I’m so glad I bought this, as it has been a perfect bedside table for me.

Verified Buyer
Jacynthe D'Amore
11 Dec 2023 02:51

Super practical Perfect price/performance ratio. Perhaps the design is a bit too simple.

Verified Buyer
Rosie Harris
11 Dec 2023 02:50

It was ok at first but now it doesn’t charge my devices and i tried change the cable, but nothing happened. Pitty

Verified Buyer
Everette Macejkovic
10 Dec 2023 02:50

This side table lamp is modem and easy to assemble and use. The brightness is suitable in the bedroom and the wireless charger is a plus. Could save the charging cable and you will have a fully charged phone when you wake up. Would recommend it to family and friends

Verified Buyer
Erling Denesik
9 Dec 2023 02:50

Grandchildren Loved this. It has needful different options for use.

Verified Buyer
Brown Hettinger
9 Dec 2023 02:50

It is a good lamp combined with phone wireless charger. For me it is really useful at night. I don't like to charger the phone on bed but I have to before I bought this lamp. So far it works so good, I have to say I like it.

Verified Buyer
Donavon Terry
8 Dec 2023 02:49

I love this lamp / charger & clock. It is very nice & different.

Verified Buyer
Wiley Ruecker
7 Dec 2023 02:49

The first impression is great, I'm totally impressed by this touch function and charging also works well. You can see the individual LEDs through the diffuser, but they are tight enough and it doesn't get in the way. Unfortunately, the wood in the middle is untreated and will probably stain permanently if you come back to charge your mobile phone again and again. Contrary to what other reviews claim, the watch can be switched off so that you don't have any annoying light when you sleep.

Verified Buyer
Gladys O'Hara
6 Dec 2023 02:49

Fast delivery, as described. I still had the problem that I had connected the lamp with a 5W plug and the cell phone did not charge and the lamp flickered. I thought it was broken. I contacted the seller, who suggested a solution for me very quickly and competently and was there to help me. With a 20W plug, the lamp works perfectly. Great dealer.

Verified Buyer
Austyn Tromp
6 Dec 2023 02:45

This bedside lamp with charging function has probably found a somewhat unusual application for us. Because we make YouTube videos about technical devices such as smartphones. In order to present them in an appealing way, we are also happy to come up with something. For example, we used the lamp to drape and display smartphones accordingly. The additional wireless charging function is also very useful to show this ability when needed. The lamp itself is very well made and does what it should. The charging function works, but it's not the fastest kind. Overall, however, I would recommend this lamp based on the design and features, especially since the speed is usually not as relevant overnight.

Verified Buyer
Una Greenfelder
5 Dec 2023 02:49

Visually an eye-catcher. So far, all charging functions are working

Verified Buyer
Milan Bayer
4 Dec 2023 02:48

I ordered a few lamps and then actually kept them. It is easy to put on and off using the touch function. It has a simple design, which my husband really likes. You can choose from different brightness levels. Unfortunately, my cell phone can't be charged wirelessly, but I found this feature super handy as the cables are always collected behind the dessert. Unfortunately, the integrated watch is a bit too bright for us at night, so we have to put something in front of it to cover it up. Otherwise, I think the price/performance ratio is great and can only recommend the lamp.

Verified Buyer
Harry Moore
3 Dec 2023 02:48

The lamp arrives well packaged in a flat cardboard box. The wood look is well, you can see that it is not real wood, which should be clear to you given the price. You can adjust the brightness so that you are not dazzled. A mobile phone holder is integrated but I don't use it because I want to charge on the lamp. You can charge via cable or by placing it in the middle via wireless.

Verified Buyer
Kamron Purdy
2 Dec 2023 02:48

The bedside lamp is great, the light is easy to adjust to your wishes. The Wireless Carger works perfectly. The only thing I complain about is that the plug applies quite a bit and therefore you can't place the bedside table completely against the wall.

Verified Buyer
Harmon Dicki
1 Dec 2023 02:48

I'm totally satisfied, super easy to use and adjustable brightness levels, highly recommended 👍🏻

Verified Buyer
Beaulah Jerde
30 Nov 2023 02:47

Is misused as a permanent lamp. Since I bought a solar power system, I was faced with the dilemma of what do I do if the electricity goes out at night and I don't see anything. Since I use this lamp continuously, the power can go out quietly and I already have the lamp on. The touch control is practical and easy. It is not necessary for me to be able to charge your mobile phone with it, but it is certainly a good thing for others.

Verified Buyer
Herbert Keeling
29 Nov 2023 02:47

I was able to test this bedside lamp. Pro: -By hanging up with charging function -5 color modes -dimmable -light edge can be swivelled -mobile phone holder on the side -price-performance ratio seems to be right -Quality and workmanship looks okay Con: -Cable could be longer for me

Verified Buyer
Johnathan Stokes
28 Nov 2023 02:47

The wireless charger wasn't great. Too slow charging. But light is good 👍

Verified Buyer
Janie Monahan
27 Nov 2023 02:46

The lamp has different light colors or rather color tones. And it can also be dimmed by turning it on and placing your finger on the bow longer so that it dims up or down. But the selected brightness is not saved, you have to readjust it every time you switch it on and off. There is also an extra that allows you to charge a smartphone or other device via a USB connection. And the plate plate has an induction charging function for suitable smartphones. The lamp itself is powered by a power supply and connected to the power supply via a USB to USB C charging cable. The power consumption is 10 W but due to the power supply, the lamp also consumes 10 W when it is switched off. Unfortunately, with this type of power supply, it is always the case that it uses electricity in the socket, regardless of whether a device is switched on or not. The brightness is exactly not too bright for a dessert lamp if you want to turn it on at night because you want to go to the toilet and bright enough to read a book. The workmanship is very good and the lamp is a real eye-catcher. It is also very suitable as a table or decorative lamp.

Verified Buyer
Raul Abernathy
27 Nov 2023 02:45

Good product, however its not bright enough to be night stand lamp.

Verified Buyer
Jaylon Halvorson
26 Nov 2023 02:46

This bedside lamp has something. It looks good and has a wide range of uses. A bit generous and expansive, but decorative. 5 stars and my purchase recommendation are absolutely deserved, even given the low price.

Verified Buyer
Adelbert McClure
25 Nov 2023 02:45

It's a super product. Really liked it . It has good brightness. Also liked the 3 light shades.Its fast charging works really good. Worth for this price range . Really recommended it. Made my table look much better

Verified Buyer
Fabian Rosenbaum
24 Nov 2023 02:45

The lamp is super practical and also very fashionable. I am asked about the lamp very often and can only report positive things.

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